Jesse putting the final touches on a custom 3 panel commission painting





All of my originals are one of a kind. I stretch all of my canvas over frames

I build specificly for that piece. I design and build all of the leaded glass panels as

well as build and carve all my wood frames




Each wooden postcard is first hand drawn, I then

hand cut each film (up to 8 colors, depending on the design) useing the old school ruby lift mask.

Each postcard is cut and sanded by me, then hand sceenprinted one at a time, one color at a time




The artwork I do on surfboards is chalk pastels on foam, befor the board is glassed.

A method that was handed down and taught to me by my father Larry Miller



The graphic art I do is usualy colored pencil and pen on board








Jesse Miller can be contacted at;

voice mail (949) 376-9428